Visit to the paediatrician in pregnancy

Visit to the paediatrician during pregnancy

By Stelios Papaventsis Paediatrician MRCPCH DCH IBCLC 2010

During pregnancy, there are many new things that expectant parents should find out about, or think about, in relation to pregnancy, and in collaboration with the gynecologist.

However, it is important for you to choose your paediatrician, and visit him or her before your child is born. On the one hand, the right selection of a paediatrician is something that needs to be resolved early, so that it doesn’t cause additional anxiety, and saves time when the baby arrives. On the other hand, particularly towards the end of the pregnancy, there is a wealth of information and support that the properly informed paediatrician can offer and communicate to you.

Your first visit, with the baby still inside its mother’s womb, is the foundation of your relationship with your child’s doctor.

  • You will have the opportunity to get acquainted with us and our practice.
  • Together, we’ll discuss what’s going to happen very soon with your new baby, and this will help you prepare for becoming parents. It is important to feel safe, happy, and that you are looking forward to meeting your new baby during this visit. It is also an opportunity to ask about any concerns you may have.

Issues that could be discussed with your paediatrician before birth:

  • Family history
  • Any problems with the pregnancy, medications, alcohol, smoking, and mother’s diet.
  • Thoughts, concerns about the future, pre-existing knowledge about what a baby in your life actually means.
  • Practical preparation (clothing, room, equipment, e.g. car seat etc.)
  • The role of the father, and  how he can help
  • What to expect immediately after birth, and during the first few weeks
  • Breastfeeding and the child’s diet
  • How to prepare siblings for the new arrival
  • Help and support from friends and relatives, financial and work-related issues
  • The importance of regular monitoring and communication with the paediatrician
  • Ideas and values about the correct upbringing of a child
  • Any other issues that concern you during this time, and which you would like to share with your baby’s doctor!


Next time we see you, you will be holding your new baby in your arms! Take a look at out our brochure, which will prepare you for the visit!

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