Never alone again

Most children will have to endure, during their childhood, a medical test, an examination, some kind of medical procedure for diagnostic purposes, such as a taking a blood sample or having an intravenous catheter, taking a urine sample, stitches, an X-ray, an ultrasound or another examination for diagnosis, a minor surgery operation with the use of local anesthesia, taking urine with the use of a urinary... read more

H Φιλική προς τα Βρέφη Παιδιατρική Κλινική

Ομιλία του Στέλιου Παπαβέντση στην Ημερίδα IBCLC Συμβούλων Γαλουχίας “Γαλαξίας” στην Αθήνα, Μάρτιο 2011. Η φιλική προς τα βρέφη παιδιατρική κλινική, συνέδριο Ibclc 2011 from papave1... read more
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